Ginza Jewelry was initiated by Mr Anthony Lee in 1992. A retail boutique was set up in 1993 but ceased operations in 1998 to concentrate on wholesale of fine jades & precious gems jewellery in the Asian markets.

Mr Anthony Lee was one of Singapore’s first Chinese diamond sales person back in 1976. Associates & clients highly regard him as a seasoned jeweller with a perfect melange of the old & new face of the jewellery industry.

In line with Singapore’s Jubilee 50, a new retail boutique was inaugurated at Far East Plaza in 2014. We endeavour to provide attractive collection of fair priced fine jewellery to all.


富华珠宝是由李振灿先生在1992创办的。曾在1993年设立零售店, 但在1998年就停业了。他从此专注批发高档翡翠与彩宝首饰。